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We’re so happy to announce the success of our recent campaign produced for Fluke Corporation!

Collectively, the series has received over 1.8 Million views on Youtube, as well as hundreds of thousands of untrackable views outside of the official Youtube release. Today’s viewcount of the flagship video is over 850,000 - How awesome is that!?!?

Obviously a huge THANK YOU to Fluke is in order - Our first production collaborating with them has been such an amazing experience, and we are crossing our fingers for more shared success in the future!

To all the Vibrations fans out there - keep your eye out for more releases from this series coming soon. In the meantime, learn more about the project below - and if you are feeling adventurous, take a stroll through our catalog for more entertainment.


Featured On:

The Huffington Post

Produced by Propadata Films for Fluke Corporation
Shot on the Phantom HD Gold

Will Lemke - Director, Editor, Music
Ryan Taggart - Assistant Director, Editor, Motion Graphics
Dean Cannon - HD Phantom Gold Technician
Joshua Stewart - Vibration Technician
Alex Walsh - Lighting Technician
Ryan Miyake - Sound Design
Anthony Tackett - Production Assistant, Stills
Jon Aiken - Production Assistant, Behind the Scenes
Jim Bailey - Actor
J David - Actor
Barton McGuire - Musical Saw
CareyNickels - Puppy

Music Produced by Will Lemke / Propadata Films -

Behind the Scenes

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